Adjust the loan agreement retrospectively.

The Germans are currently in a buying mood – they no longer pay their expenses and bills primarily through savings, but increasingly through borrowing. According to the latest study by a Cream Bank, young Germans in particular are prepared to pay future expenses through a bank loan.

Thanks to many free loan comparisons on the Internet, taking out a loan is now neither complicated nor particularly time-consuming – after a successful credit check by the bank, the requested money is usually paid directly to the current account of the consumer after a few working days. But what to do if you notice after the loan payment that the agreed repayment rate or the term are set incorrectly.

Adjust various loan terms after signing the contract

Adjust various loan terms after signing the contract

A lot can change in life over a period of four years that an average borrower needs to repay his installment loan: For example, an increase in salary or an inheritance can quickly increase the financial scope of the borrower – in this case, it makes sense to to put more money into loan repayments.

There are two options for the borrower: Either the consumer pays a larger amount of the outstanding loan debt with a one-off special repayment or he adjusts the basic repayment modalities for the entire remaining term to his new financial situation. For example, the borrower has the option of increasing the originally agreed monthly repayment rate in order to reduce the loan term and the total loan costs.

If the consumer has less financial leeway during loan repayment, he should inform the bank. The bank will then agree with the customer to reduce loan rates and extend the loan term. This is to ensure that the customer does not have to pay any special fees if a timely transfer of the excess repayment rate is no longer possible.

The bank must be informed of any changes in writing

The bank must be informed of any changes in writing

In addition to adjusting the repayment rate and the loan term, borrowers can usually have other contractual agreements easily changed at the bank. It is usually not a problem to take out residual debt insurance after signing the contract, to change the reference account or the address of the borrower or even to include a second borrower in the application. However, the customer should always notify all of these changes to his bank in writing. If the bank agrees to a corresponding adjustment of the contract components, these are recorded in a new credit contract.

Cheap loans with instant approval.

 Instead of having to wait a long time at the house bank and ultimately get a rejection due to negative creditworthiness, you can concentrate on cheap loans with an instant commitment. The free financial market offers a lot of advantages and is not based on the creditworthiness of the applicants.

Low interest rates and fees as well as a high degree of flexibility in the contractual terms are convincing for private donors, but also for foreign banks. It is extremely easy to find cheap loans with instant approval based on your personal requirements and to ensure transparency with a comparison. Whether you prefer to choose a foreign bank or a private investor doesn’t matter with the low-interest offers with numerous advantages.

The free financial market as an opportunity for everyone

While banks only make decisions based on their creditworthiness and the conditions for lending can hardly be met, other values ​​count on the free financial market. You can find cheap loans with an instant approval quickly and easily with a comparison. However, one should not concentrate solely on low interest rates, but also on attractive and, if possible, flexible framework conditions. Even if the income from borrowing is high and secure, there is no guarantee that the financial situation will not change over the course of the term.

If you choose a flexible contract and thus have the option to defer, but also to redeem the loan earlier, you will see the advantages for yourself and not put high fees on the agenda. For the security of the lender, the free financial market presents various options and grants low-cost loans with immediate approval even if no real assets, funds or capital-forming hedges can be offered. With a co-applicant or a guarantee, people with a very negative credit rating and without property can also get a loan and thus avoid falling into debt and not paying important bills or making necessary purchases.

Non-bureaucratic payments have advantages

Non-bureaucratic payments have advantages

There are no long waiting times on the free financial market. Anyone who chooses cheap loans with an instant approval will often receive the approval after just a few minutes. Nobody has to wait longer than 24 hours for an approval for the online loan and is therefore promptly aware of whether their application has been granted. The payment is made just as quickly as the approval. If the application is approved, the money will be transferred to the specified account and can be used immediately after a legal waiting period of 7 days.

Obtaining a loan in a non-bureaucratic, competent and timely manner is advantageous if you want to make urgent purchases, carry out repairs or simply fulfill a wish without waiting. With independent financial intermediaries or private donors, you can rely on cheap and reputable loans with fast payouts.

The mortgage loan transfer option

Buying a property does not mean that you will keep it for 20 or 25 years, traditional terms of a mortgage. The ups and downs of life (enlargement of the family, transfer, divorce, departure of children, etc.) reduce the length of time the property is held. For these situations, the “transfer” option can be interesting.

What is loan transfer?

What is loan transfer?

The mortgage is closely linked to the property acquired. Normally the resale of the property, for whatever reason, results in the repayment of the initial loan. Even if you acquire a new property. Taking out a new loan changes the conditions.

Fortunately, there is a particularly attractive although little known option: loan transfer or transferability. It allows you to transfer , under certain conditions and agreement of the lender, the mortgage on the new property , while retaining the advantages of your loan (rate, insurance, guarantee, etc.)

What exactly does loan transfer do?

What exactly does loan transfer do?

First of all, the “transfer” option exempts you from the prepayment costs generally due in the event of the resale of the property concerned by this credit. Only the processing fees for your file will be requested.
On the other hand, you can keep your current loan on the same conditions , which is particularly interesting when the rates are very low, as currently. On the other hand, if this loan does not fully cover the acquisition transaction, the “complementary” loan will be compulsory and under the conditions in force at the time the loan is taken out.

If you acquired your property a few years ago, when the rates were higher than today, the portability option will be of little interest to you. It will be cheaper for you to pay the prepayment fees to take out a new loan at a more attractive rate .
The transfer also concerns loan insurance, which you can keep with the same conditions, which is interesting when you know that the rate of insurance depends in particular on your age!

Last point. Transferability is at the discretion of the lending bank and the surety. It also depends on their conditions. We invite you to discuss this possibility during your meeting with the bank.

Get a loan for your work with the repurchase of credits



The accumulation of credits can make it difficult or even prevent the realization of certain projects. Before granting you a loan for your works for example, the bank must make sure that you are able to repay an additional credit. A redemption of your outstanding amounts can then help!

Release of funds for release of situation

Release of funds for release of situation

The security level of the contract is what makes a bank make a loan or not. It is therefore complicated to apply for a loan for your work if your credits are already heavy in your budget. In this situation, buying back credits often proves to be the solution: by reducing your monthly payments, you have every chance of making your work project a reality!

The redemption of your credits results in a grouping of all of your debts to repay only one. This restructuring of your debts is Accompanied by a significant drop in your monthly repayments

Any redemption of credits must be justified by a Clearly defined project to take place. Getting a loan for your work is one! In some cases, depending on your profile, you may even be granted additional cash to consolidate your financing.

The loan for your work must be secured

The loan for your work must be secured

Before subscribing to it, make sure that the credit buy-back offer that is offered to you has received the attention of a complete analysis. The latter must include an advance study of the loan for your work, which you plan to contract thereafter. An accurate assessment of your repayment capacity and potential risks is actually necessary.

This step is essential because it avoids unpleasant surprises such as unfinished work or the return of financial difficulties. Bring your project to life: redeem your credits through a broker! You will thus benefit from a safe credit buy-out adapted to your profile. The online study request is free and without obligation. Proposal within 48 hours!

In the case of credit consolidation, when the operation results in a reduction in the amount of the monthly payments, this- this can lead to an extension of the credit repayment period or increase its total cost. The reduction depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.

History of Credit Cards in the World and Indonesia

In this day and age, credit cards are very popular among the people of Indonesia. Not like before, having a credit card is not a strange thing and can be proud of, because many people already have a credit card. But do you already know how the credit card was born? How did the credit card develop until now? You are very lucky because here we will review the history and development of credit cards. It’s not hard to trace how the history and development of credit cards. Many references can be traced to understand how the development of this tool.

The credit card that was not yet born that can be predicted by the famous novelist named Edward Bellamy. In the work of his novel entitled “Looking Backward”. He always revealed the term credit card nearly 11 times. Many people assume that this is the forerunner to the birth of the idea to make a credit card.

Development of Credit Cards in the World

Development of Credit Cards in the World

Maybe around the 1900s, several companies such as gas stations and supermarkets in the United States had introduced credit practices such as through shopping cards that are commonly used by their customers.

This card is intentionally issued by the company and only functions as a member card. With the expectation of consumers becoming more loyal, company management is also tidier to take care of all consumer data which will later be used as data marketing.

Beginning in 1946 the credit payment system began, which was pioneered by banking institutions in the United States. Banker named John Biggins from Flatbush National Ban of Brooklyn gave birth to this system with the name “Charge It”. This system was created to facilitate customers in conducting transaction activities in various stores or merchants who are also bank customers.

Diners Club Card

The next development was marked by the birth of the Diners Club Card. This card was born in 1949. It was discovered accidentally by Frank McNamara who was doing dinner at a fancy restaurant. When it was finished eating, the bill came and he could not pay because his wallet was left behind.

Now to overcome this problem, he made a unique card as a substitute for cash payments. This Diners Club Card is similar to a Charge card. And this is where the embryo of the birth of the credit card that we know today.

Since 1951, the Diners Club Card is increasingly used by many people and is so famous in the United States. In that year also found material to make Diners Club Cards. The material is made of plastic because previously the card was made of paper.

American Express, Visa and MasterCard performance

American Express, Visa and MasterCard performance

American Express saw this great opportunity. When everyone is busy using Diners Club cards, American Express also does not want to lose to issue similar cards. The issued card is called AMEX (American Express) and is of the type of a Charge card.

The next development was born the credit card as we know it today. The first credit card issued by Bank of America (VISA). And it was only in the 1960s that there was a massive expansion and education about the benefits of this credit card until everyone understood and understood the usefulness of this transaction tool.

And only around the 1970s, the United States began to establish policy regulations on the use of credit cards. The rules are even clearer, the goal is for this business to flourish. Now, this is where the development of credit cards began to spread to various parts of other countries, such as Europe, Arabia, Africa, Australia, Asia, up to Indonesia.

Development of Credit Cards in Indonesia


Credit cards have begun to develop in the world, such as in the United States to Asia, Europe, Australia, and finally to Indonesia. We cannot reject the entry of credit cards in to Indonesia, because this is related to the development of technology and information. And also the existence of credit cards is really needed by the people of Indonesia, especially for those who live in big cities.

The first time credit cards entered Indonesia occurred around the 1980s. Introduced by Bank Duta who at that time formed a partnership with VISA and MasterCard International. Bank Duta is the first bank to issue and market credit cards in Indonesia. Previously, the Duta bank credit card was specifically aimed at its own customers and was not free for the general public.

In contrast to now, where credit cards can be used by anyone. In the past, the target market of the credit card business was only aimed at the rich, business people, officials, and other upper-class people.

So You Are Interested in Having a Credit Card?

Today, any discovery that requires sacrifice and a long process, as well as credit cards. Even though the market is growing, it doesn’t mean you can apply and use it however you want. Because by using it, then you already owe it to the bank.

Imagine if the debt is piling up without being able to pay off, of course, your life will also be chaotic. Indeed, it does not hurt if someone has a credit card, in fact, we must have a credit card, considering that this credit card is an important thing in meeting our daily needs. So, interested in using a credit card?

Crowded Selling and Buying Data Online, Choose Loans Online Cleverly

Online loan services, which for several years have been very popular among the people, do have advantages over conventional loans. For example, the registration process is faster and easier.

But behind the convenience and speed offered, you must be more careful in choosing an online loan service. Because at this time there is a boom in the sale of personal data by irresponsible parties. These individuals sell the data through websites or social media at prices varying from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

People who usually buy stolen data are certain to be used for negative things such as fraud that extorts victims to make a lot of profit. After the action was successful, the fraudster ran away with the money from the fraud. There have been many cases like this that happened, very disturbing and detrimental to the community.

Don’t get carried away with the fast process, you also have to find out the credibility and security that the company has. Therefore, it is important to recognize a secure loan application. How the heck?


Registered at OJK

credit loans

The government already has institutions that control and supervise finance companies, namely Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). So that people can safely borrow from finance companies that have been registered by the OJK. But unfortunately, there are still many fintech companies that have not been registered with the OJK.

During 2018-2019, at least 1,230 Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending entities are known to be unregistered or have business licenses from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Potential to harm the community in accordance with POJK Number 77 / POJK.01 / 2016.

Therefore, do not just apply for a loan before checking the list of loan companies on the OJK official website. Lite Lending is an online lending institution that is officially registered with OJK, so that its security is guaranteed.


Read the Terms and Conditions

online loan

You also need to more carefully and thoroughly consider the terms and conditions of fintech applications that have been downloaded, because there are some online loan cases that provide bonuses or additional limits when granting access to many applications on your smartphone. If it is outside the fairness that has been determined by the FSA, then the access agreement should be denied for the sake of no misuse of user data or application data that is on your smartphone.


Choose Loans with Low and Transparent Interest

Choose Loans with Low and Transparent Interest

Transparency of interest and service fees are also very important. Because there are many cases of online loans with unlimited interest and penalties or 1% interest per day, you should avoid these online loans because they don’t make sense.

Many online loans also lure low interest but do not provide information about admin fees or other fees that can be hidden behind it. This has caused many victims to be in debt because the bills swell unnaturally.

Lite Lending, is an online loan application that offers low interest rates and displays all costs transparently. Interest is charged from 2.95% to 4% per month, with administrative costs at the beginning of the disbursement of funds. All loan simulations, including interest and additional fees charged, will be displayed transparently in the application before you agree to the loan agreement. So, there are no hidden costs.

If we are more clever in choosing an online loan which gives more convenience, comfort and security, a lot of benefits can be obtained. 

Loan despite low income necessary to take out a loan


There are many situations in life that make it necessary to take out a loan. Mostly it is unforeseen things like a new car because the old one broke irreparably or a new washing machine. Those who then do not have sufficient income to save themselves a financial cushion for such situations are dependent on a loan. But do you get a loan at all despite a low income?

Low income usually need the entire income to make a living

Low income usually need the entire income to make a living

Those who have a low income usually need the entire income to make a living. Rent and groceries usually already form a large part of the expenses. There are also travel expenses, hygiene items, insurance and other monthly fixed expenses. Nevertheless, there are situations in which a larger purchase and therefore a loan is necessary. Now it is time to look closely. Is there a monthly amount of money left that makes it possible to repay a loan and pay the interest?

No important expenses were forgotten in the budget bill. Is there still a little leeway to cover in an emergency? If you can present these circumstances to the Bank of Trust without gaps, you will also receive a loan despite low income. However, the income and expenditure of a household bill at the bank does not always stand up. Then there are ways and means.

Urgently need a loan despite a low income

Urgently need a loan despite a low income

Those who urgently need a loan despite low income, but from the bank’s point of view do not have enough income, can do it in another way. Many loans can be secured with a guarantor. The guarantor steps in when a borrower can no longer service the loan. This secures the loan amount to the banks even if the borrower’s income is low. A guarantee is common practice, especially for students who often need money for their studies, the first institution or a stay abroad.

The parents, older siblings or friends stand in for such a loan, even if the students do not have a high income. This way, all other people with low income can get a loan. But even in such a case, you should carefully consider whether you actually need the loan and ensure that you can repay it properly over the term.

Avail the quick and easy credit in 48 hours.


If the money suddenly runs out, be it because of an accident or a major repair, a suitable and above all quick loan is the only salvation. It’s good that there are offers that promise and keep a loan in 48 hours. Because nothing is more threatening than not being able to meet the rapid emergency. Good planning cannot prevent this, even if not everyone was faced with the problem of quickly getting a lot of money.

Everything ready for credit in 48 hours

Everything ready for credit in 48 hours

Once the documents, evidence and cost calculations are at hand, it is easy for the lender to process the application quickly and comprehensively so that the payment can be made within the specified period. But what if everything has not been submitted immediately and a single slip is missing? Then, for better or worse, you have to bite the bullet and waive the credit. Of course, it may also be that this form is not particularly important or that no relevant data is available. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact the lender, preferably by phone, because it has to be quick. Because questions are best always answered, otherwise this leads to chaos.

Fast payouts for quick needs

Fast payouts for quick needs

Good planning saves money, that’s a truism. But what if the funds in question are insufficient, or if a large payment cleared the account a few days before? Then it is usually better to take out a loan in 48 hours than to approach your own savings and maybe take out expensive life insurance there. As long as the benefits in the future are greater than the costs of short-term loans in the present, this path should always be followed.

However, the interest burden is slightly higher because the banks have little opportunity to get to know the borrower. But mostly it is a question of smaller sums that are awarded, which is why the creditors are not too intensive. In any case, a loan in 48 hours is a good chance to save your savings if it should become tight.

Always compare good offers

Always compare good offers

Anyone who has ever been on the Internet will know that not every loan is the same, after all, you are bombarded with advertising. It is therefore particularly important to find out in an independent comparison whether the desired loan is really the cheapest in 48 hours. Because nothing is worse than a signed contract that turns out to be very expensive in retrospect. And even if time is short, an internet comparison takes less than 5 minutes! So it can be done very quickly for breakfast while the coffee is brewing. With common sense and a keen sense of the right loan will be found for everyone.